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Ezer Commerce provides an integrated marketing solution centered around your business’ organic environment. Our services are divided into four major groups: Ezer Engage, Ezer WebsiteEzer Inventory, and Ezer Branding.
Yes, Ezer Commerce offers a complete custom-made marketing solution to digitally grow your business in an organic environment. In addition to branding services, we help you to manage your websiteinventory, and even customers.
Yes, Ezer Commerce will manage your inventory, from small tasks such as product photo optimization to enhancing its online visibility. We ensure that each of your product items is updated and optimized, implementing SEO strategies  on your inventory pages and product descriptions to amplify visibility and elevate ROI across all channels.
Ezer Engage is an all in one managed communication tool that helps you convert your conversations into sales by blending your real-time business data, AI, and human insights to manage conversations. This business communication tool has been designed to streamline customer interactions through an omnichannel chat solution.
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Real-time Inventory Intelligence is an AI feature with full access to live inventory data, helping your team members and customers with insightful responses. It will not only provides you with updated responses but also offers instant access to stock levels, sales forecasts, and customizable reports to optimize your inventory management and enhance customer service.
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As offered by Ezer Engage, Real-Time Business / Financial Intelligence is an AI tailored to assess daily business operations and outcomes. With access to live business data,  AI can pull significant insights on sales, returns, salary, and more with your single command. Additionally, it will assist you in comparing metrics, evaluating the success of marketing campaigns, and compiling a comprehensive summary of monthly or daily business performance with ease. Learn More
Leads, Customer, & Order Intelligence is backed up with detailed insights and customer chat history, providing clear information on customer behavior and needs. It assists your team in making personalized conversations by, for instance, suggesting the most appropriate response based on the customer’s previous interactions with your business. This can help you build stronger relationships with your customers and increase the likelihood of a sale by identifying potential cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Learn More

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