Social Media Management

Custom created graphic content posts go out to FB, IG, GMB, Youtube simultaneously. Every post is keyword optimized and shortlinks only. Our AI tool will decide the optimal time to post based on your audience’s social activity. Keeping your content fresh with monthly themes, optimizing social pages, and an in-depth report on all of your major social channels from one place!


Why Social Media Management?

Social media platforms provide immense opportunities for both growing and ongoing businesses. As the best part, they are cost-effective initiation that ponders multiple profitable channels. Furthermore, they stand as a foundation for higher reach through online presence across the marketing funnel, from raising brand awareness to increasing store visits.

With the ever-developing landscape of social media platforms, you gain exposure to potential clients. In fact, our world is built upon social communication, and whether you are good or bad at it, the world will just get by.

We, at Ezer Commerce, assist you in marking your territorial presence in the media platforms and pursuing an active social life for the brand.

What do we do to manage your social medias?

As a matter of fun fact, Ezer Commerce covers all the social platforms from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even YouTube. Depending on your field of expertise, we create a tactical social media strategy that fits your business.

When we say we cover up your social media platforms, we ensure to manage, make reports, create and design content, and also build, monitor, and grow your social media performance. Our works basically revolve around your social media metrics such as followers, engagement rate, content preference, and many more.