We build our websites on the leading CMS platform, WordPress. 42% of all active websites on the World wide web are build on wordpress.More stores, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies use WordPress than all other options combined. Our websites are built on scalable cloud infrastructure in an Ultra-Responsive code with a mobile-first design. Unlimited Design Changes, Landing Pages, creative content & much more.

Hosting Services

Powered by Ezer Hosting® – Private servers, private I.P., 100 GB Cloud Space, Brotli Compression, Advanced MySQL, Ultra-fast PHP Setup, Dynamic SSL, Cloudflare CDN, Advanced Caching, Unlimited Email Accounts, backups to safeguard data. Advanced Firewall.

Social Media Management

Custom created graphic content posts go out to FB, IG, GMB, Youtube simultaneously. Every post is keyword optimized and shortlinks only. Our AI tool will decide the optimal time to post based on your audience’s social activity. Keeping your content fresh with monthly themes, optimizing social pages, and an in-depth report on all of your major social channels from one place!

Search Engine Optimization

Our data sets & integration with Google Analytics allows us to discover ‘not provided’ keywords and cross-reference both data-sets on your website’s organic search performance. In addition, we run our highly detailed on-page and technical SEO checker on your website, correct errors and apply suggested fixes, and report the progress & results to you consistently through automatic reports.

Website & Content Management

Owning a website is like owning a yacht. It will serve the motive as a luxury item however, it doesn’t have a primary purpose if it doesn’t have the captain. We, EzerCommerce is your yacht captain that provides enhanced content management that fits within your budget.
When most website management vendors “watch” your website for breakage and intrusions, Ezer moves on an effective process to grow traffic to your site.
All these works are done through custom content and SEO updates in addition to auditing traffic performance and keywords. Not to mention, partnered with Cloudflare CDN, you can power up your website from every continent around the globe.

Reputation & Reviews Management

We go deep with your reputation analysis. First, we gather intelligence about your company, customers, and competitors. Then, we use the data obtained to create a strategic process for effective pre-sale & post-sale engagements. We even roll out and monitor new processes to elevate brand presence in a positive & effective way. We help you grow your review base in no time.

Local SEO

Local SEO starts with analyzing your competitor’s strategies and trends, reconciling the data with your digital strategy to place your business on top of search results pages. Monitor any keywords and device types, keep an eye on your competitors’ domains, and follow your search engine performance on a ZIP code level and in local packs & so much more.


Analyzing each product’s top keywords locally & optimizing your vehicle’s presence independently on each iproduct listing site with the vendor’s custom tools are the basics of this service. It’s creating inventory listing solutions that work by analyzing inventory listing vendors’ effectiveness to your objective, local audience. Expect your vehicles to appear on the first page of results pages.

Digital Merchandising

Most retailers decorate their products only ‘inside their stores.’ Adding photo comments on product photos, optimizing the description with relative SEO keywords, and researching vehicles to find & apply added-on options (ex. metallic paint, etc) are just some of the digital optimizations we offer to name a few.

Business Analytics & Reporting

Business performance reports that dive deep into your data offer great insight & analytics but are extensive and lengthy. Our business analytics & reporting solution includes custom-designed reports, concise to one page without leaving the essential data. To give you a complete overview of your business’ performance, we created seven reporting categories from traffic to sales & ROI and more. Reports will arrive in your inbox on a weekly and monthly basis. Schedule a demo to see our report samples.


Other players in a market can easily copy a product, but a brand that speaks with culture & purpose will always be unique. Grow your brand with our branding strategies with our implementation and management process to create a meaningful culture & more importantly, a cause that directly connects with your audience on an emotional level. The long-term results will help buyers quickly identify and experience your products over the competition. Our in-depth market research will improve your brand’s presence by clarifying what your brand is and is not practical.

Video Production

According to a paper released by Cox Automotive in 2020, the most influential media post type for Ad campaigns is video marketing, by far. Whether you like to improve your meet & greet process or boost your referrals, video campaigns are the most effective way to go. We partner with local videographers to provide you with clean, professional production in time.

Graphics Design

Social media management, digital merchandising, & web design & conent management packages include the needed custom content for free! Do you have additional creative content needs for a campaign or event? Our Adobe suite experts produce quality content in a fast turnaround time.

Mobile Apps

Our web-design approach includes the needed infrastructure for mobile applications to give you the option to extend out your website to the IOS & Android market APP mirroring content from your website.. By purchasing this service, you can extend your current website to the Android & IOS app markets. Do you have a website that is not app-ready? Opt-in for WEB & UI/UX DESIGN with MOBILE APPS today.

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