Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our data sets & integration with Google Analytics allows us to discover ‘not provided’ keywords and cross-reference both data-sets on your website’s organic search performance. In addition, we run our highly detailed on-page and technical SEO checker on your website, correct errors and apply suggested fixes, and report the progress & results to you consistently through automatic reports.


Why is SEO important?

Often when targeted customers come in search of your product, they tend to choose from the higher-ranked pages mostly. Hence, in simple words, the higher you rank in Google search results, the higher traffic you tend to attract to your webpage.

This single reason is why many business and website owners try to manipulate the results so that their site shows up higher on the search results page (SERP) than their competitors.

Often with the failures of major search engines, SEO becomes your savior to create your webpage visibility in search queries.

What do we do to improve your SEO?

We believe SEO goes further than your webpage visibility and ranking. While we work on your organic click-through, Ezer looks forward to boosting your page authority.

We ensure to enlist your brand on Moz Local by upgrading your PA rating. With this, we organize your webpage as trustworthy, create high-quality content, and are relevant. In the meantime, when we work on a brand message of lucrative offers, we work on creating the best user experience end. Our SEO strategy-related works stand user-friendly for everyone using mobile, laptop, or desktop.

This is done by increasing your page load speed that will not creep past three seconds. Similarly, it is followed by proper link structure, right coding, and languages.