Ezer Commerce’s Website Launch Press Release

Press Release

Ezer Commerce® Launches Its Newly Updated Website

Ezer Commerce® has taken a significant step forward with a redesigned website, placing the needs and preferences of their visitors across the United States at the forefront of their design.

New Orleans, LA – June 18, 2024—Ezer Commerce® launched a revamped website aligned with contemporary trends and user-centric principles.

hey have been working on their website for months, keeping user experience and value in mind. This newly launched site includes updated features, helping visitors easily navigate and comprehend their offerings with engaging content. With this significant redesign, the site has a rapid response functionality, allowing visitors to access the website from all browsers and mobile devices. Furthermore, the organized product separation and quick access to contact offer the ultimate user-friendly experience.

Few words form our CEO

Hi, I am Mojtaba Aghighi, the Director of Ezer Commerce! Ezer is a New Orleans-based web and digital marketing agency. We have been in the industry for over 8 years, with over 20 successful and ongoing projects.

The main goal of Ezer Commerce is to provide a complete integrated digital marketing solution to every business scale, from startups to industry giants.

Since 2016 we have been developing products to improve the digital footprint of small businesses. Today, we have a set of products that if combined together will power your entire brand’s digital presence. Products are industry spicific, designed to solve problems of the digital age. Additionally each product is custom fitted to your brand. AI is at the core of everything we built.

Let us connect, converse, collaborate, & co-create your digital business with our integrated marketing solution.

Ezer Commerce® Accentuates Value Proposition With Organized Product Separation

With organized product separation and continual content updates, Ezer Commerce® clearly articulates the value proposition of its offerings and solutions. They are particularly focused on user experience and timely content changes, hence ensuring that visitors are able to locate information about the product they are searching for without a hassle.

Ezer Commerce® Eases Site Navigation With Clear Contact Request

Ezer Engage™ has unified communication platforms such as Google Business Profile Chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and more into one platform managed by live agents 24/7. Maintaining a uniform message and tone, the omnichannel solution empowers you to engage with customers when they are most receptive with quick responses and instant issue resolution, enhancing your business interaction with AI-driven insights and human-refined responses, boosting brand recognition.

About Ezer Commerce®

Ezer Commerce® provides a complete marketing solution for businesses of all scales in the Automotive, e-commerce, Hospitality (Hotel, restaurant, and tourism), and Healthcare industries. By employing Ezer Commerce®, they will handle your entire business front: website, customers, inventory, and brand engagement.

The major products of Ezer Commerce®

  • Ezer Engage™ combines AI and human insight to capture leads, convert them to paying customers, and keep them coming back, all inside the platform your customers use the most.

  • Ezer Website™ provides advanced, SEO-optimized A-ranking sites with Google Analytics 4, advanced caching, and AI-powered image resizing via Cloudflare CDN.

  • Ezer Inventory™ enhances your product visibility and elevates ROI across all channels with detailed, technical SEO strategies for product pages.

  • Ezer Branding™ maintains a unified visibility of your business across key search listing and social media platform by distributing compelling contents and consistent voice.

Learn more: https://www.ezercommerce.com/

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