Digital Merchandising

As a short fact, Ezer Commerce provides all sorts of promotional activities to sell you products online. We go beyond just displaying the products “inside the stores.”

It includes everything from site performance and digital product display to digital marketing and email marketing initiatives. Similarly, we handle your inventory and product photos, optimizing them with necessary keywords. 


What is digital merchandising?

In the terms of boosting the customer flow, digital merchandising encompasses all activities related to marketing your goods online. It is the process of creating a strategic image of your product that customers can’t resist buying. Well, it simply includes the product’s display, creation, and branding.

Digital merchandising is giving a product an online image that works to the advantage of a modern consumer. It is a work of art and science and requires detailed planning, optimized process, data mining, and analytics, as well as the flexibility to react to the changing market conditions.

How do you help in digital merchandising?

Troubled with website requests? Let our team of merchandise experts handle your website and its updates. We enhance and manage your website as per the requirements with simple to navigate and tooled for conversions.

We understand your continuous need to update is complex and hence, Ezer ensures your website not only functions the way it should, but also to ensure it is properly merchandised from a visual standpoint.

Well, Ezer is your extra set of eyes on the market to update the website in terms of functionality and aesthetics. At times, your website might stumble with bugs and errors however, we ensure to run regular audits to help catch these errors proactively by thoroughly poking and prodding to uncover what may be hiding.

With us, digital merchandising is all about taking your digital showroom to the next level from investigating your inventory issues and creating new landing pages to posting your monthly specials.

Some of the management works we do with digital merchandising include information management, merchandise financial planning, category management, supply chain, space planning, and promotion planning. We ensure to expand the merchandising value chain for your company.