Business Analytics & Reports

We do understand the hassle and tiredness of going through a lengthy reports and analysis. Indeed, it arises the internal desire to let go of the reports however, it is a crucial factor of businesses.

Hence, Ezer helps you skip them as we create a detailed yet one-paged report for your business. Our business analytics and reporting solution include custom-designed reports without leaving any essential data. To give you a complete overview of your business, we created seven reporting categories from traffic to sales, and ROI.

Altogether, we will distribute these reports on either a weekly or monthly basis.


Why is analysis and reports important for business

When it comes to the performance of your business, data and analytics are the regulatory requirements. Here, you need to be updated with regular business reporting and monitoring. We all know the business reports as useful insights for management such as information on spending, profits, and growth.

As a business house, your reports and analytics work as a tool for future forecasts, marketing plans, guide budget planning and improve decision-making. Apart from your future plan, you will understand your present status and progress in the industry.

Altogether, it not only highlights current problems, but it also assists to identify opportunities along the way.

How do we analyze and help you make reports of your business?

We at Ezer Commerce, believe that business analytics and reports are the pillars to build flawless customer experiences and offer exceptional standards of customer service. We offer to manage and create reports of how your business is performing at the moment.

Ezer helps to create the service report to extract invaluable information and insights from customer service data. We work forward to move in to meet your customer’s expectations where we can alongside generate business value and increase profits.

Often while running a business, many tend to neglect the customer service area however, it is crucial to cover important metrics and KPIs.

Also, collecting and synthesizing the data is pretty much a hassle and time-consuming. However, our team at Ezer ensures you have the complete set of needed insights to create and work on future plans as we create a detailed one-page report for your business.