About Ezer Commerce


Let's talk about ezer commerce, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Ezer Commerce is a USA-based web and digital marketing solution. From an emerging company to big enterprises, we handle all the measures to put you at the top in the industry. 

Our team at Ezer works around custom-driven strategy and data-driven insights. We not only look forward to building your revenue but also help with the increment of traffic in the sites. As with our work, we will move in to generate you with more leads, more sales, and more exposure.
Before we get started with your journey, Ezer maps out your organizational goal and revolves around working through its process. Even with your toughest goals, we improvise them to create brand awareness on the line. Whether you look forward to us to create more leads, redesign web pages, SEO optimizing your words, Ezer pulls through with a plan that’s a perfect fit. 

Design the strategies

Ezer Commerce is a tech-enabled solution offering services to every leveled business in assisting to maintain their online presence. We custom design the strategies as per the needs of businesses on the basis of their goals.

Uplift your Business

Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design. We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

Digitalize your Business

We understand the importance of all businesses, and we offer a full-service strategy and use those channels for conversions, revenues, and visibility. Digital platform and the web is our passion, and we lean them for goal achievement. Hence, when you make the decision to choose Ezer, we provide you with a custom plan for your company, its needs, and goals

about ezer commerce

Whats makes us different?

  • We acquire your needs as an extension of your company while giving the digital needs it deserves. 
  • While fitting in the industry, we ensure you are updated with the recent business trends. 
  • Equipped with high-end technical knowledge, Ezer guarantees quality services to maintain your business on top of your industry. 
  • We customize optimized marketing strategies to assist your business in reaching its revenue goals. 
  • We understand and pinpoint your business needs as per the requirements. Indeed, your online presence matters, and we are here to consolidate the needs.
  • When you align your needs with our creative and passionate team, Ezer Commerce addresses to work it through top to bottom without any miss. 

Team Members

Jullia Siger

Web Designer

Claire Divas

Web Designer

Makhaia Antitni


Harry Steve

Web Designer

Ebony K. Hedrick

CEO & Founder

Craig B. Hoffman

CEO & Founder

Rodney J. Sabo

CEO & Founder

Hobilar David

Software Engineer

Who we are

We deal with the aspects of professional IT Services

Engagement & Response Suite

Website Hosting & Development

Inventory Optimization